Reiki is energetic healing.
Since energy is something you can't see, often times it can be perceived like some weird kind of magic.

But, I promise you it doesn't hurt. 
Energy healing is an innate ability that every human being holds deep within them. 

Reiki practitioners are especially attuned to tap into this Universal Energy and source it to help you live a more balanced and physically or emotionally pain free life. 

The benefits of reiki, once you've had one session, are immediately accessible to you. 

It might be slightly awkward at first... or it might be the best thing you ever did for yourself. 





single session - $60/ hour
5 sessions *  - $240

*to be used within 160 days of purchase
**to be used within a year of purchase



Kate’s intuitive essence paired with her loving heart makes for a sacred space of healing and soul-nourishment through her Reiki and Yoga services. Her tender care and gentle approach to working with her clients is what makes her time so special. She knows how to provide space with compassion and understanding
— Amanda R.
During my session with Kate I felt that she connected immediately to my energy and two large blockages in my body (which I was partially aware of). Not only did her energy feel physically wonderful and healing, but she was also completely accurate in picking things up from my body’s communication system. We were able to translate this information to an action plan very quickly. I felt much more positive and clear right away! I also had an amazing sleep that night.
If you live any where near Kate, I highly recommend to visit her and try this powerful modality that she so aptly conveys.
— Darlene A.
My experience with Kate was something I will be forever grateful for. I felt as though I was safe to be vulnerable allowing for my true feelings to surface. There were moments where I couldn’t understand how she could possibly know or feel What I was feeling. I was able to identify how much I was ignoring and repressing. I’m not an incredibly emotional person and I cried bc I felt acknowledged, heard and comforted that everything I was feeling was not wrong. I’d trust her with my mother.
— Alexandra M.