Simply put... yoga means "to yoke" and is the union of body, mind, and spirit. 

 Contrary to what some people still think, yoga is NOT a religion, but rather a personal practice, most accessible through our body. 

Most people come to yoga for a strictly physical experience... they stay for the emotional and mental wellbeing. 

For me,
yoga is a journey back into the heart. 

It is a personal journey for each individual.
For some it can be mostly physical, for others entirely spiritual.
I leave the uncovering up to you, but would be honored to guide you along the way.




Group Classes:

YogaBlu Studio
2907 4th St N, St. Pete, FL 33701
Saturday 8:00AM - 9:15AM | Power Yoga
Saturday  9:30AM -11:00PM | Yoga Flow
Wednesday 12:00PM - 1:00PM |Gentle Yoga

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Private Instruction + Packages:

1 session - $60 (yoga only)
1 session - $85 (yoga + reiki)

5 sessions - $250 (yoga only)
5 sessions - $375 (yoga + reiki)

Private Group Instruction + Parties:

1-5 people - $60 / 60 min
6-10 people - $120 / 60 min
10+ people - $175 / 60 min


Kate is a down to earth, ‘real’, yoga instructor. I’m not an expert yogi by any means. In fact I consider myself an amateur when it comes to yoga. However when I do one of Kate’s classes, I don’t feel like I’m an amateur. She helps out with positioning and brings so much positive energy that the rest becomes irrelevant. Every time I leave her class I feel better about myself and for that I would recommend anyone to come check her classes out.
— Andrew A.
Yoga with Kate was awesome for me. Spiritual, relaxing, and challenging all at the same time
— Kate B.