"The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories." 

I never believed to be good at telling stories, 
and used to shy away from taking the stage and sharing my truth,
until I realized that by telling my story,
I opened up an untapped space in the heart of the individual sitting in the audience and inspire them to go forth and share theirs.

From experience I am a domestic violence survivor. 
I can tell many stories about the darkness that took over
 as I waded my way out of that space and found my way back home. 
I am a seeker,
and what I find is my duty to share. 
I believe in God,
and by living in His will, I share His message. 
I believe in Love, 
and believe in it fully, only because at one point heartache riddled my whole existence.

If you're looking for a public speaker that keeps it real, inspires through emotion, and speaks from the heart, I might be your gal. 

or so I've been told. 


- How I went from a Domestic Violence survivor to a Thriver
- Connection through Compassion and Community
- Devotion and Unconditional Love
- How we can learn to FLY by FALLING


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Kate has been featured on:
Bay News 9, ABC Action News, WTSP 10 News, Creative Mornings, and USFSP CONNECT.